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TechVisions & Solutions specializes in building automation, process automation, heating & air conditioning. Our installations model incorporates a simple principle that never locks you into one contractor, we use products that utilize open based communication protocols to allow you the flexibility to expand in your future building needs. We utilize the Tridium Niagara Framework for our building frontends. Niagara systems offer a graphic rich presentation to create a simple working system that is customized around your needs. The Tridium Niagara product allows us to migrate your existing systems into a new platform and change over your old control system without the upfront cost associated with a complete retrofit. Do you have an existing Apogee, Trane, Delta, CSI, or Johnson N2 systems? We offer a solution to all of these and more. Our field controller line of preference is the TAC IA line from Schnieder. These controllers offer a full BacNet and Lon product offering. There controllers have a long history of functionality and dependability.


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